Bancassurance and its impact on Insurance Industry of Bangladesh

Bancassurance, the practice of selling insurance products through banks, has the potential to significantly impact the insurance industry in Bangladesh. With a low insurance penetration rate and a lack of trust in insurance companies, the introduction of bancassurance could help improve the overall landscape of the industry. This focus writing will explore the potential impact of bancassurance on the Bangladeshi insurance industry based on the available information.

Low Insurance Penetration and Lack of Trust

The insurance penetration rate in Bangladesh is currently only 0.40 percent, significantly lower than neighboring countries like India, where the rate is 4 percent [1]. This low penetration can be attributed to an image crisis and a lack of trust in insurance companies. Customers often face difficulties in claim settlements and perceive a lack of transparency in the industry.

Enhancing Trust and Transparency

Bancassurance has the potential to address the trust and transparency issues in the insurance industry. Banks in Bangladesh generally have a better reputation than insurance companies, and customers trust them more. By selling insurance products through banks, insurance companies can leverage the goodwill and trust associated with banks [1].

Banks, being more customer-centric, are likely to prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure proper claim settlements. The performance of insurance products will directly impact the overall banking performance, which provides an incentive for banks to maintain transparency and settle claims efficiently [1].

Reducing Misinformation and Improving Customer Experience

One of the challenges in the insurance industry is the use of misinformation by insurance agents to maximize their commissions. With bancassurance, the degree of misinformation is expected to decrease. Bankers, acting as insurance agents, are less likely to provide misinformation as it could harm their reputation and relationship with customers. Customers also have the option to approach the bank manager in case of any issues, ensuring a higher level of accountability [1].

Focus on Life Insurance and Financial Inclusion

Bancassurance is expected to have a significant impact on life insurance in Bangladesh. Life insurance products are considered more essential and relevant to customers, and banks have a wider reach across the country compared to insurance companies. Banks can leverage their branch network to promote life insurance products and encourage people, especially those in rural areas, to buy life insurance [1].

Financial inclusion is another area where bancassurance can play a crucial role. Banks can provide one-stop services by offering insurance products along with their existing banking services. This approach promotes financial inclusion by providing access to insurance coverage to a larger segment of the population [2].

Benefits for Banks and Insurance Companies

Bancassurance offers a win-win situation for both banks and insurance companies. Banks can generate additional revenue through commissions on insurance sales. Moreover, by meeting the eligibility criteria set by the regulatory authorities, banks are likely to improve their overall performance, including reducing non-performing loans and maintaining a minimum capital ratio [2].

Insurance companies, on the other hand, can benefit from the extensive customer base of banks. Banks can act as ready customers, increasing the reach and sales volume of insurance products. This partnership can also enhance the image and reputation of insurance companies, leading to increased customer trust and satisfaction [2].


Bancassurance has the potential to bring significant positive changes to the Bangladeshi insurance industry. By leveraging the trust and reputation of banks, improving transparency and customer experience, and focusing on life insurance and financial inclusion, bancassurance can help increase insurance penetration and enhance the overall performance of the industry. It offers benefits for both banks and insurance companies, creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved.

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