The Impact of Bancassurance on the Bangladeshi Insurance Industry

Bancassurance, the collaboration between banks and insurance companies, has the potential to bring about significant changes in the Bangladeshi insurance industry. This innovative approach allows banks to act as corporate agents, selling insurance products to their customers. The introduction of bancassurance in Bangladesh is expected to have a transformative impact on the insurance sector, increasing insurance penetration, promoting financial inclusion, and improving the overall performance of both banks and insurers.

Benefits of Bancassurance

Bancassurance offers several benefits for both customers and financial institutions:

  1. Increased Accessibility: By leveraging the existing branch network and customer base of banks, insurance products become more accessible to a wider segment of the population [2]. This increased accessibility fosters financial inclusion by reaching individuals who have been underserved or overlooked by traditional insurance channels.
  2. Improved Customer Experience: Bancassurance allows customers to conveniently access insurance products through their trusted banks, eliminating the need to approach separate insurance agents or companies. This streamlined process enhances the overall customer experience and reduces the potential for misrepresentation or misunderstanding of insurance policies [1].
  3. Enhanced Product Diversity: With banks collecting information from their customers regarding their financial needs, insurers can design and offer customized insurance products that meet specific requirements. This collaboration between banks and insurers leads to a greater diversity of insurance products in the market [1].
  4. Boosted Profitability: Banks benefit from bancassurance through commissions earned on the sale of insurance services. Selling insurance products in large volumes can significantly increase banks’ profits [1]. Additionally, the criteria set by the regulatory authority for banks to engage in bancassurance, such as maintaining minimum capital ratios and reducing non-performing loans, can improve the overall financial performance of banks [1].

Impact on the Insurance Industry

The introduction of bancassurance in Bangladesh is expected to have a profound impact on the insurance industry:

  1. Increased Insurance Penetration: Bangladesh currently has a low insurance penetration ratio, with the insurance sector contributing only 0.46 percent to the GDP [1]. Bancassurance has the potential to significantly increase insurance penetration by reaching a larger customer base through the extensive branch network and customer trust associated with banks [2].
  2. Improved Confidence and Trust: The insurance sector in Bangladesh has faced challenges related to low claim settlement ratios, fund embezzlement, and poor investment quality [1]. By leveraging the reputation and trust associated with banks, bancassurance can help restore confidence in the insurance sector and address the concerns of policyholders.
  3. Competition and Evolution: Bancassurance introduces a new channel for selling insurance products, which may put pressure on existing insurance agents to improve their services and compete with banks. This competition is expected to lead to better services, transparency, and accountability for policyholders [1].
  4. Financial Inclusion: Bancassurance aims to promote financial inclusion by reaching individuals who do not have bank accounts or have been underserved by traditional insurance channels. Opening a bank account to access insurance policies can encourage more people to take up insurance coverage, thereby increasing the outreach of banking and insurance services [2].


The introduction of bancassurance in Bangladesh has the potential to revolutionize the insurance industry. By leveraging the existing infrastructure and customer base of banks, insurance products become more accessible, diverse, and customer-centric. Bancassurance can increase insurance penetration, improve customer experience, and promote financial inclusion. However, it is crucial for insurers to maintain good intentions, ensure proper fund management, and guarantee social security to fully realize the potential of bancassurance in Bangladesh.

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